about us

We're Susanne and Bruno. For more than 20 years we have been going our ways together. Our great passion is travelling. And above all in nature and with our camper.


Specialist in education and especially in leadership. Responsible for the organization, the website and the culinary well-being in Doggeli.



Specialist in human resources and corporate strategy.

Mostly responsible for driving, flying the drone, photography and navigation. Not for cooking, but very much for eating

Regarding our Camper:

Since 2012 Doggeli is our base vehicle. The campers have already changed a few times.

At the moment we are travelling with a cabin from four wheel pop up campers.

For more details about our Doggeli, just see below.

Technical specs:

Dodge RAM 2500 HD

Photo at the beginning

That’s how the Dodge looked like when we bought it in 2012 with 37'000 Km (23'000 miles).

Technical specs:

5.9l Cummins Diesel

Manual transmission

Produced in 2006

Intermediate solution with Arctica cabin:

This is how he looked until mid-2021:

This is what he looks like since mid-2021:

Technical changes

  • Suspension upgrade
  • 37‘‘ Tires
  • ARB lockers front and rear
  • Additional diesel tank 180l (47 gallons)
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Compressor
  • Engine break
  • Ram-Ipad mount for navigation
  • RCV front axle
  • Dynatrac free spin kit and ball joints
  • Steering upgrdaes
  • NO tuning (not needed when 325 PS and 800Nm toraque are available)
  •  ......and some






Changes Four Wheel Cabin:

  • Fanello Matress
  • Aluca-drawer
  • Extendable plastic box (Rako) under the seating group
  • Various compartments individually subdivided
  • Additional: Diesel heater Eberspächer (so we don't have to heat with gas)


  • Consumption on 160‘000 Km (100'000 miles): 14.6 l/100 Km (16.1mpg)
  • Defects: 1 wheel bearing and 1 universal joint, the rest just service / wear parts
  • No measurable oil consumption
  • Ingenious handling on road and off road, due to weight and size somewhat cumbersome, but pulls super through sand.
  • Thanks to the suspension it is very stable on rough tracks.

Cross-country drives:

  • A bit confusing due to large engine hood
  • Gear-reduction great

Link to videos:

Developpment oft he Dodge till today: 


Off roading in the Saverne:


A trip in Marocco: